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With the help of ABILITYusa™, La Tortilla Factory® has been able to achieve breakthrough results in creating a safety culture.

  • Ex-mod has decreased from 112% in 2005 to 74% in 2008
  • The WCIRB SIC claims rate per million dollars of payroll is 3.39; the La Tortilla Factory® rate is 1.5


The California Workers’ Compensation Rating Bureau has recently authorized an increase in Workers’ Compensation premiums.  If an organization has a high Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification rating (X-Mod), premium increases will likely be significant. In this challenging economic time, injury prevention becomes even more critical than in the past.

Preventing even one injury adds thousands to an organization’s bottom line, reflecting savings in direct and indirect costs. 

The experience modification graph below demonstrates the results of proactive injury prevention activities achieved in coordination with ABILITYusa.  ABILITYusa works with every type of organization, from professional service organizations, hospitals and public agencies to manufacturing, wineries, food processing, construction, data processing and accounting organizations. 

Decrease your X-Mod!

  1. ABILITYusa specialized protocols for ADA and FEHA compliant post-offer, pre-hire functional employment testing identify candidates unable to safely perform the essential job duties.  Examinations require 1.5 to 2 hours to complete and thoroughly assess and document functional and musculoskeletal status.
  2. Client experience since 1994 has demonstrated that 8 - 12 % of the workforce is physically incapable of safely performing the essential functions of their jobs, resulting in approximately 70 to 80% of all work related injuries. Identifying these individuals is the first key to injury prevention.
  3. ABILITYusa objectively defines what could be a safe physical accommodation, if accommodation is reasonable, for candidates or current employees who may need or request same.
  4. ABILITYusa testing provides a confidential baseline database that records functional abilities and musculoskeletal status, at the time of post-offer hire exam.  This information identifies objective data for use in apportionment decisions, protecting the employer in relationship to previous injuries/conditions documented at the time of the initial exam.
  5. ABILITYusa assists employers in the definition of specific education programs and safety agreements needed in a given situation for candidates or current employees who are at risk.

Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), indirect costs associated with an injury may be 1 to 10 times greater than direct costs.  Do the math: with 8%- 12% of the work force at risk for injury due to their functional deficits, the prevention of even 1 injury saves both direct and indirect costs and over time, decreases an organization’s X-Mod.

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from Candidates and Employees Participating in the ABILITYusa Functional Essential Duties focused Test and Musculoskeletal Exam:

"Thank you for all of the information and techniques to keep my body safe from injury. I would recommend your services to anyone!!"

"Best test I have ever had (even the military did not test me like this, US Army). I am very satisfied."

"Completely satisfied. Great experience. Instructor very knowledgeable and professional."

"Every one treated me with dignity and respect. The clinician explained each test thoroughly to me and if I had questions they were answered."

"Going to continue a regiment of physical activity at least 3x a week."

"Great learning experience! Thanks so much for the opportunity!"

"Had fun, interesting, personnel in good shape, capable. This was a very comprehensive exam and professionally performed."

"This would be a great service for teaching proper body mechanics and in many ways a service for people trying to recover from injuries as well."

"I am pleased with the physical abilities test to give me an idea what my potential strength and endurance would be."

"I am pleased with the proceeding of the clinic. I've not only been tested but also taught how to deal with weight lifting, Thank You!"

"I appreciate the professional and detailed physical exam of limitations /weakness. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone."

"I feel the body mechanics part of the physical was great. Makes you think a lot about correct body mechanics before lifting!"

"I have learned today that I need to work on my physical parts to become more better in shape compared from the tests that I have taken."

"I liked the time and patience I received today. I think this is a good way to understanding your personal self. And the amount of time applied was just enough."

"I'm so delighted to meet people in this field who care about others. For my experience they helped me realize to not forget about my body and the mechanics behind it :) Thanks!"

"In my 20 years of nursing, I have never received this extensive of testing. It was great. I learned a lot about my strengths and weakness. The staff was great. Took the time and patience to explain. Thank you!"