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The Problem -- Injury Costs

How much do injuries cost your company?

Most organizations record medical and lost time costs but sometimes fail to consider the true costs of workers’ compensation injuries.The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that indirect costs (turnover, overtime, wasted management time, decreased productivity, etc.) are 100% of direct costs, thus doubling the cost of each injury.

“Can ABILITYusa turn that trend around?”

YES - because ABILITYusa goes beyond the basics to keep your employees healthy and productive from the first day of our alliance with you.

In company after company that has put ABILITYusa to work, injury incidents and costs have dropped dramatically. Some companies have dropped injury incidents to zero…and that's money you can add to your bottom line.

The Solution

With ABILITYusa, unneccesary costs are avoided.

To find out about how an alliance with ABILITYusa can save money and enhance employee safety and satisfaction, a no-pressure, no-nonsense phone call could add money to your bottom line and save you many headaches down the road.

  • ABILITYusa is a nationwide, comprehensive employee risk management company with a solid, proven track record for dramatically reducing company spending and the enormous costs associated with musculoskeletal injuries.

  • ABILITYusa integrates innovative, successful employee risk management philosophies in ways that are unique to each distinct industry and blend seemlessly into existing programs. ABILITYusa adds the critical components that promote successful outcomes.

For more information, call us: (800) 846-8006.